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President's Report

I hope you have benefitted from one of the many ASHRAE activities held this year. Whether it was at the recent AHR Expo in Las Vegas, one of our monthly meetings or at Top Golf “ASHRAE Research” Fundraiser, I believe these events greatly impact our local chapter. The Top Golf Fundraiser was a great success! We raised over $8,000 for ASHRAE Research. We had over 20 sponsors and more than 100 people attend this event. Many thanks to our Research Promotion Committee for their hard work in making this event a success. We will be reviewing / assigning positions for next year soon. I encourage you if you haven’t been involved or would like to become more involved in the UT Chapter next year to contact me…. at president@utahashrae.org

-Brett Parry

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History Highlights

January 6th meeting featured Dr. Stephanie H. Taylor MD, M Arch, CIC, RSPH(UK), CBE who spoke about “Managing Indoor Air is the Surprising Key to Improved Patient Outcomes”. She emphasized Humidity control as the key parameter in reducing infection rates in hospitals.

February 8th meeting brought Alan Niles and Technical Session on “Net-Energy Water Loops: a clear path to Net Zero Energy Buildings” and the Lunch Session on “Design and Economics of Commercial Ground Loop Heat Pump Systems”.

March 23rd was the date for the First ASHRAE Fundraiser at Top Golf in Midvale, Utah. The event was a huge success and the participants enjoyed the evening of games, and dinner provided at the venue. We hope to make this an annual event. Plan to attend next year!

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Welcome New Members

If you know someone that is a prospective new member, the Affiliate grade of membership may be an option!

This program is for individuals at or under the age of 30 that are new to ASHRAE (not previously a Student or Associate member), or for individuals who have been honorably discharged from the Military within the past 5 years. These members will receive a discounted rate as follows:

  • $54 for the first year

  • $74 for the second year

  • $95 for the third year

Participants in this program still receive most of the benefits of Associate Membership (except the ASHRAE Handbook) but at a considerably discounted rate, (Current Associate Member dues are $202 per year).


We would like to welcome the following new members, or welcome back to a couple returning long time members.


  • William Lewis

  • Matthew Florence (Also a YEA Member)

  • Michael Johnson (Also a YEA Member)

  • Brandon Bennett (Also a YEA Member)

  • Manjhunath Ayyampudur (Also a YEA Member)

  • Michael Nielsen (Also a YEA Member)

  • Cody Mitchell (Also a YEA Member)

  • Erica Jorgensen (Also a YEA Member

  • Matt Worthington

  • James Harris (Also a YEA Member)

  • Lisa Dakis (Also a YEA Member)


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Research Promotion

Utah ASHRAE’s Spring Fund Raiser @Top Golf

Thank you to all the individuals and companies who supported the Top Golf activity earlier this month. Everyone who attended had a great time and we raised a significant amount of money for ASHRAE Research. We look forward to continuing this activity in the future and hope to see you there next year!

Utah ASHRAE’s RP Campaign Summary

The Utah ASHRAE Research Promotions campaign is having a great year! We are currently at $11,765 in donations which is about 57% of our Chapter goal ($20,500)!

The individuals and companies who have contributed to Research Promotions (RP) at Honor Roll level or better so far this campaign year are:

Associate Donor ($2,500+)

Major Donor ($1,000+)
Colvin Engineering Associates
Van Boerum & Frank Associates

Companies ($250+)

J Wilcox Company
Energy West Controls
A J Sheet Metal
Unitech LLC
Utah Mechanical Contractors Association
Certified Testing & Balancing Inc.
Harris & Hart Inc.
Olsen & Peterson Consulting Engineers
Heath Engineering Company
Midgley Huber
Koch Inc.

Indiviuals ($100+)

Brett W Christiansen
Jared Kennard
Michael Dallon
David W Griffin II
Brandon Birkes
Trent S Hunt
Bret R Christansen
Inoke Joe Touhuni
Brett D Parry
Terry B Shields
Thomas D Colvin
Jeffrey K Grant
Rod A Butler
Spencer J Allen
Stephen G Connor
James D Patterson
David B Lewis
Thomas T Fujikawa
Charles P Christensen
Donald P Lynch
Daniel J Rollins

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to our chapter’s RP success!

Benefits of your contributions include:

  • Listing in the ASHRAE Journal and Utah ASHRAE Newsletter, at an honor roll (or better) contribution ($100 or more per individual, $250 or more per company).

  • Listing of all honor roll contributors prior to each local ASHRAE meeting.

  • Continuation of research that goes directly to developing the standards that we employ every day.

  • Support of a large research community, a surprising share of which is undertaken in Utah, to advance the science of our industry.

The easiest way to contribute is online with a credit card at the following link, but checks made out to ASHRAE RP are also acceptable. Please contact me or an RP committee member for help processing your donation.

Currently, our 2015-2016 RP Committee Members are:

David Griffin II
Bret Christiansen
David MerrillTrent Hunt
Rob VanJared Kennard
Jim Patterson

If you are interested in joining the committee or know someone that might be interested, please contact me or a board member from the Utah Chapter Board of Governors (BOG).

One of the committee members will be calling on you and your companies for your support of ASHRAE Research in the near future.

Thanks for all of your support!

David Griffin II
Utah Chapter RP Chairman
Jared Kennard
Utah Chapter RP Co-Chair

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Grass Roots

The local grassroots has been working with Salt Lake City to encourage business owners to benchmark their energy usage in their facilities. Salt Lake City is proposing an ordinance to require all buildings above 50,000 sq ft to benchmark their energy consumption by September 1, 2019. The ordinance also requires facilities above 25,000 sq ft to benchmark by September 1, 2020. The Utah Chapter of ASHRAE has provided the following comment to the proposed ordinance:

“Benchmarking is a no-cost strategy to measure and compare buildings’ energy performance. Studies from other cities show that the process of benchmarking a building's energy use and then making the building energy data transparent in the marketplace spurs investments in energy improvements, and cuts energy costs community wide. ASHRAE Utah supoort the proposed common-sense ordinance as a way to improve the quality and sustainablilty of the buildings in our community. Importantly, increasing the efficiency of buildings can play a role in cleaning Utah's air, an issue on the minds of Utahn." 

Brett Parry, President

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