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Outgoing President's Message

Dear Utah ASHRAE members,

In April 2019 I had the opportunity to attend President Elect training with ASHRAE Region IX leadership and the other incoming chapter presidents of Region IX. It was a quick trip, but one that really got me jump started thinking about the coming year.   They encouraged us to set goals for our chapter, 3-5 goals to be exact.

From the beginning I knew what my primary focus was going to be. As president I wanted to get more people involved in the operation of our chapter and wanted to extend the reach of our chapter to those outside of the Salt Lake Area. You may have noticed throughout the year that I've continually preached "many hands make light work." At its heart ASHRAE is a volunteer organization and it relies on its members and their dedication, commitment, and hard work for it to succeed. In turn that is what allows ASHRAE to succeed and to continue to lead the world in contributions to our industry.

While everything didn't go quite as planned this year, Covid-19…enough said, I'm very pleased with the response we received from our chapter members. Despite the challenges that 2020 has presented, our Board of Governors, Committee Chairs, co-Chairs, and committees grew throughout the year. In fact, we concluded the year with our largest BOG meeting that I can remember with 18 in attendance. We may have set a new standard for BOG meetings. We met in the open air at a park which beats a conference room any day.

While the pandemic has been devastating in many other regards, it has forced us to learn how to reach out to our chapter when we can't meet in person. As a result of holding online chapter meetings we've been able to reach chapter members that otherwise wouldn't make the trip to SLC for a meeting. We are looking forward to expanding on what we've learned and expanding our technical capabilities to reach our chapter members throughout the state and those in the distant reaches of our chapter boundaries (did you know Pocatello, ID is in our chapter?)

It has been a pleasure to serve the Utah ASHRAE chapter! I truly value the experiences I've had and the associations and friendships I've developed serving in ASHRAE.

I was going to close with a joke about stepping down peacefully … but my kids suggested I keep it simple … PEACE OUT!


Michael Dallon

President, Utah Chapter ASHRAE 2019-2020

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Incoming President's Message

 I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve as President this year and give back to this wonderful organization. Being a member of ASHRAE and a member of the Utah board of governors has helped me in my professional career and helped me learn leadership skills for my personal life. The monthly technical training has given me ideas that I could incorporate in HVAC designs and changes that I could make in the operation of the buildings I manage. Beside the technical knowledge, getting to know other engineers and sales reps has helped me solve many problems. 

Due to the pandemic, building owners are facing a changing landscape with their commercial buildings.  Some of the challenges include migration to working at home, ensuring a safe work environment for employees and customers, and questions about how to run their buildings HVAC systems.

As professionals, we need to be ready to answer their questions and provide them with solutions that will help their businesses.  ASHRAE has spent decades researching these topics and is a source for the most up to date information. The Utah Chapter mission is to help inform our membership with monthly training sessions and a forum to connect with other professionals.

Over the last couple of years, the Utah ASHRAE board has tried to reach out to our remote members that work from Pocatello Idaho down to Saint George.  With the need to host our monthly training virtually, we have now been able to reach our remote members.  During the pandemic we still plan to meet virtually, and we are looking forward to a time when we can gather together for socials and trainings.  When the social distancing requirements have been lifted, we would like to continue broadcasting our monthly meeting virtually.  Our goal is to organize remote branches where our members can join over lunch and participate virtually, or they can participate from their own office.

If anyone is interested in hosting a remote branch, please contact me at [email protected]


Cameron Scott

Utah AHSRAE Chapter President 

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Young Engineers in ASHRAE - YEA!

The Young Engineers in ASHRAE committee would like to thank all members, young and young-at-heart, for a great year! Although our late activities like our final technical training and spring social had to be canceled due to Covid-19 regulations, we had great success with our fall and winter activities and trainings.

To summarize our year, in September we hosted our first YEA fall-social at Wasatch Squatters Brewing Company. We had a personal tour of the facility followed by a traditional happy hour. We hosted three technical trainings; Pool dehumidification 101 in October, the Public Safety Building net-zero facility tour in November, and waterside economization in technical cooling rooms in February.

For this next year, we would love to get any feedback on the YEA program and future ideas on things we can incorporate. With Covid-19 still a high concern, we will aim to involve more digital technical seminars, especially come the winter months.

Also, if you or others in your office or ASHRAE community would like to co-chair on the YEA ASHRAE committee this coming year, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]. Joining any committee as co-chair gives you great hands-on experience of what it’s like to serve on the ASHRAE Board-of-Governors (BOG), with the help of the committee chairs to train and guide you along the way. As YEA Chair, I am looking forward to serving this position again this 2020-2021 year!

Keep a look out for all future training announcements through our new Instagram page at @YEA_UtahChapter or online at


Marie VanderBetts

YEA Chair

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Research Promotion

This year has been quite a ride so far! No one could have seen what was coming with a global pandemic, the subsequent canceling of events, the new reality of working at home, and of course how The Bachelor went down!  With all that has gone on, I wanted to get some information out there and put a plug in to donate to RP this year. See the information below

  1. Mark your calendars for Thursday October 29th at 6 p.m. for TOP Golf!! – look flyer soon!
  2. Consider donating to RP help support research including new COVID related projects. RP supports all of the new products and methods in our industry and is vital to keep it healthy!

This year has been a challenge, and I hope everyone is safe and weathering it well.

Cory Wright – RP Chair.

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Trent Hunt has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award.

The Distinuished Service Award salutes members of any grade who have served the Society faithfully and with distinction and who have given freely of their time and talent in chapter, regional and Society activities.

We are grateful to Trent for his tremendous service to ASHRAE and to the Utah Chapter.

Congrats Trent!

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