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President's Report

October 1944 … Franklin D. Roosevelt is President of the United States, World War II is in its sixth year, the minimum wage is $0.30/hour, gas is $0.15/gallon, a loaf of bread costs $0.10, the average salary is $2,400 per year, the average cost of a new home is $3,450 and, though perhaps insignificant to the rest of the world, in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 11, 1944 the Utah Chapter of ASHRAE was founded.

October 11, 2019 was the 75th Anniversary of the Utah Chapter of ASHRAE.  Since its founding in 1944, countless numbers of men and women have served our chapter and our industry to further the sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. For a walk down memory lane you can look at the list of Past Presidents of the Utah Chapter of ASHRAE on the chapter website (https://utahashrae.org/pastpres.php). You will recognize a lot of the names that have made a major impact in the HVAC community in Utah throughout the years.

As the current President of the Utah ASHRAE chapter, I'm humbled by the long list of names that have come before me and hope to live up to the tradition they've established. I'm fortunate to have a great group of people to work with on the Board of Governors (BOG): Cameron Scott (President Elect), David Griffin, III (Treasurer), Jarrett Capstick (Secretary), Phong Nguyen (Governor at Large/PAOE), Dallen Romriell (Governor at Large/UEC), Cory Wright (Research), Christian Sellers (Membership), Marie VanderVliet (YEA), Brad Shakespeare (Student Activities), Manjhunath Ayyampudur- MJ (Government Affairs) , Chad Peay (History), and Robbie Wood (Communications).

The work they do as Committee Chairs along with their co-chairs and committee members is what makes our chapter successful.   A goal we've set for this year is to get more chapter members involved. The old adage that "many hands make light work" is all too true.  With just a few committee members for each chair we can lighten the load for everyone and achieve so much more as a chapter.  Please consider volunteering to help on one of our committees. You can reach out to any one of the committee chairs (emails available at https://utahashrae.org/board.php) or to me directly at [email protected]

I want to express my thanks to all of you for supporting ASHRAE and to all of the BOG members for their hard work and the time they sacrifice on behalf of our Chapter.

Thank you,

Michael Dallon

President, Utah Chapter of ASHRAE 2019-2020

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If you know someone that is a prospective new ASHRAE member, the Affiliate grade of membership may be an option!

This program is for individuals at or under the age of 30 that are new to ASHRAE (not previously a Student or Associate member), or for individuals who have been honorably discharged from the Military within the past 5 years. These members will receive a discounted rate as follows:

$55 for the first year

$85 for the second year

$110 for the third year

Participants in this program still receive most of the benefits of Associate Membership (except the ASHRAE Handbook) but at a considerably discounted rate, (Current Associate Member dues are $220 per year). Information can be found at:


We would like to welcome the following new members, or welcome back to a couple returning long time members.

Mohanad Abbood

Shelby Chattin (Also a YEA Member)

Zahra Fallahi (Also a YEA Member)

Steve Horton

Dustin Hreinson

Matthew Iacono (Also a YEA Member)

Michael Jurich (Also a YEA Member)

Jeff Katter (Also a YEA Member)

Jaden Scott (Also a YEA Member)

Current Utah membership is at 358. Also we have had 31 Membership Grades Advancements from Associate to Member since July 2019 (ASHRAE year starts in July and ends in June). 

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Community Service

Utah STEM Fest is a 2-day fun and interactive exhibition of applied science, technology, engineering and math event that was held between 7th and 8th October 2019 at the Mountain America Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah. This event showcased products from various organization such as Tesla, Utah Valley University, Salt Lake Community College, Dominion Energy, US Synthetic, etc as the most unique gathering ever assembled in Utah for you and your family to enjoy exciting hands-on experiences with science and technology that will spark your children’s imaginations and give them a peek into their future career opportunities.

ASHRAE donated $500 to this cause to promote science and engineering. As part of the donation we were provided with a 10x10 booth to showcase HVAC Technologies to encourage and fascinate the kids and their families with scaled down systems such as an Air-Handling Unit, Vibration Isolators and an Air and Dirt Separator.

We had volunteers from the ASHRAE BOG (Board of Governers) and chapter help us over 4 shifts for 2-3 hours each to demonstrate the systems we had. We had a ton of smiles and “wow-ed” the audience during the HVAC systems demonstration at the STEM Fest 2019. Thank you to all our volunteers for coming out!

We would like to thank the following volunteers and suppliers for making science and engineering fun for hundreds of students and families at the Utah STEM Fest 2019:

Utah ASHRAE BOG Volunteers: Brad Shakespeare; Christian Sellers; Cory Wright; Joshua Erger; Marie Vandervliet; Michael Dallon; MJ Ayyampudur;

ASHRAE Chapter Volunteers: Brandon Birkes; Lisa Dakis; Ron Stagg; Trevor Helm; Walter Baranowski;

Equipment Suppliers: Camfil; Intermountain Hydronics; Mechanical Products NSW;

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Research Promotion

It’s the start of a new year and with that we start a new RP fundraising campaign. Many of you are probably asking, like I have, “What is research promotion? Why should I donate, and what in the world is with the golf guy in the background?”.  Well the here are the short answers:

  1. Research Promotions is the vehicle that provides funds for many different areas related to ASHRAE including: YEA, Research (think new refrigerants), Scholarship etc.
  2. You should donate if you ever have used any tables, books etc. from ASHRAE as these would not exist without the funds provided by RP. Donating is also a  a way to help keep our industry vital.
  3. Mark your calendars for Thursday March 19th at 6:00 p.m. This is the date for our Top Golf RP Fundraiser. Sign up and registration information should be out very soon!!

Thanks to everyone that has donated in the past!!

Cory Wright - RP Chair

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Young Engineers in ASHRAE - YEA!

YEA (pronounced “YAY!”) stands for Young Engineers in ASHRAE. In order to qualify, you must be under the age of 35 and currently a member in ASHRAE. As a YEA member, you get first dibs to attend all YEA hosted trainings and social events. Are you over the age of 35 but still interested in attending? No worries, we understand you are still YAH (Young at Heart) and will let you attend all trainings and social events given there is enough space.

The Young Engineers in ASHRAE hosted their very first social event; A brewery tour of the Wasatch Squatters West Side Tavern. After the tour, we hosted a social hour within the tavern with appetizers and refreshers. It was great to have a casual evening with other young engineers in our industry. We even started to brainstorm together possible topics, tours, and social events we could incorporate in this year or next. Keep your eyes out for our Spring Social come May 2020!

YEA has also hosted their first technical training on October 18th on Pool Dehumidification design. We will continue to have three more technical trainings this academic year. One in December to be a tour of a net-zero facility, one in February to be another “101 basics” training, and our last one in April to be on personal development. Stay up to date on all training announcements through our new Instagram page at @YEA_UtahChapter or online at www.Utahashrae.org

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Fall Social

Thanks to everyone who organized and attended our Fall Social in Big Cottonwood Canyon!

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