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2018 ASHRAE Scholarship Application (PDF)


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  • November 14, 2018 (AEE/ASHRAE Conference
    • Terry Townsend (ASHRAE DL)
      • Advanced Energy Conservation, IEQ Guidance and Applications (pdf)
      • Energy Goals and Integrated Design (pdf)
      • Steps to Making Commercial Buildings More Efficient, Healthy, and Comfortable (pdf)


    • April 19, 2018 Chapter Meeting

      • Hoy Bohanon

        • Demand Control Ventilation (pdf)

February 2, 2018 Chapter Meeting

  • Jacob Cain (Weber State University)

    • Weber State University Net Zero Plan (pdf)

    • Miller Administration Building Heat Map (pdf)

  • Cary Smith (Sound Geothermal Technologies)

    • Weber State University Energy Highway (pdf)

  • January 5, 2018 Chapter Meeting

    • Jim Hocter (Danfoss National Sales Manager Non-Residential Controls)

      • Simple, Precise Control & Energy Reduction with Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) (pdf)

    • Ray Good (Danfoss Global Director of Application Engineering)

      • Emerging Oil Free Technologies (pdf)


  • April 7, 2017 Chapter Meeting

    • Eric S. Johnson (P.E., ASHRAE Austin TX Chapter)

      • Lunch Session: Design Considerations, Humidity Control for Indoor Pool Facilities (pdf)

  • February 10, 2017 Chapter Meeting

    • Alan Niles (ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer)

      • Tech Session: Net Energy Water loops A clear path to net zero energy buildings (pdf)

      • Lunch Session: Design and Economics of Commercial Ground Loop Water Source Heat Pump Systems (pdf)

  • January 4, 2017 Chapter Meeting

    • Fred Valentini (Direct Room Systems Regional Manager, Nortec), Randall Potter (Western Regional Manager, Nortec)

      • Advance Technologies for Adiabatic Cooling and Humidifcation (pdf)

    • Stephanie Taylor, MD (Taylor Healthcare Consulting)

      • Balanced Indoor Air Hydration for Health (pdf)


  • December 2, 2016 Chapter Meeting

    • Craig C. Coburn, Brian D. Bolinder Romijn (RBMN Construction Practice Group)

      • Utah’s Lien Laws, What You Need to Know (pdf)

      • Lien Tables (pdf)

  • October 7, 2016 Chapter Meeting

    • Dan Int-Hout: Basics of Air Distribution, Applied Acoustics, VAV Selection Guides, You Can’t Afford Discomfort  (thumb drive content)

  • September 27, 2016 Mechanical Xchange

    • Rudy Romijn (Regional Manager, eDesign Suite Operations, Carrier)

      • Chiller Refrigerants for the Future (pdf)