The funds collected through ASHRAE Research Promotion provide all of us the technical information in the ASHRAE Handbooks we need to do our jobs.  The funds are also used to support the ASHRAE Learning Institute program which provides excellent training for anyone in the industry who wants to signup for the ‘online’ education courses.  If you wish to see what one of the ASHRAE Handbooks would contain ‘without’ the support received from ASHRAE Research, click here.

June 30, 2016 is our final deadline to have all contributions sent to ASHRAE Headquarters.


If you wish to support your Chapter with a contribution to ASHRAE Research, you may do so in one of three ways:

  1. Go online to (https://xp20 NULL.ashrae NULL.html) and make your contribution with a credit card or PayPal.
  2. Call Brandon Karren, RP Chair, at 801-856-2636 or any one of the RP Committee members listed below and give them your credit card information or send them a check made payable to ASHRAE Research.
  3. Bring your check or credit card to an ASHRAE meeting and one of the RP Committee will be available to accept your contribution.

Many Chapter members have asked “How much?” is a reasonable contribution to ASHRAE Research.  My answer is “It depends.”  If you divide our Chapter goal by the entire membership, it is an “average” of $52/member but not everyone is able to contribute.  So the following information may help you decide based on “historic” contribution levels in our Chapter:

  • Large Engineering firm, Contractor or Supplier = $500-$1000
  • Smaller Engineering firm, Contractor or Supplier = $200-$400
  • Individuals – Principals/Owner/Partners = $100
  • Individuals – Project Managers/Outside Salesperson = $50
  • Individuals – Engineers/Inside Salesperson = $25
  • Endowment – It Keeps giving every year – Minimum = $2,500

Our Utah Chapter Research Promotion Committee is comprised of 10 Utah Chapter Past President’s and several others who have been very supportive of the Chapter for many years.

RP Committee Members:
Brandon Briggs (VBFA), Brett Christiansen (Palmer-Christiansen) , Chuck Lush (Advanced Concept Engineering), Dan Goulding (Trane), Dan Rollins (Michael Baker Corporation), Doug Wilkinson (LONG Building Environments), Gary Anthon (Alliance Energy Integration), Joe Touhuni (Applied Product Solutions), Keith Gritton (Gritton & Associates), Knute Peterson (PVE), Larry Veigel (Heath Engineering), Lyn Felton (Scorpion Restraint Systems), Matt DeGooyer (Midgley-Huber), Mitch Tervort (Olsen & Peterson Engineering), Ray Coleman (Certified Testing  & Balancing), Steve Connor (Colvin Engineering), Trent Hunt (Intermountain Mechanical Products)

One of these individuals will be calling on you and your companies for support of the Research Promotion fundraising.

We have a very strong Chapter and it SHOWS!

Thanks for your support!

Brandon Karren – RP Chair 2015-16 and David Griffin – RP Co-Chair
801-856-2636                                   801-924-5028

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